Beauty as we feel it is something indescribable:

what it is or what it means can never be said. - Santayana

Who I Am

I am the person who drops 2 pounds of backpacking gear so I can carry another camera lens, but who always carries the 10 essentials. I subscribe to the view that one should never pass up the opportunity to use a restroom or take a photo – well at least half of that. I have an aversion to posed pictures, Photoshop and images of myself unless it is a shadow or reflection. I have been a volunteer firefighter/EMT and community activist. I am a mother, a wife, a veterinarian, a photographer, a hiker, a birder, a cyclist, a native plant aficionado, and a lover and sharer of knowledge. Excessively focused or easily distracted by a task I am a poor keeper of time.  I would far rather spend a day observing and trying to recapture a missed wildlife shot than spend 2 hours trying to doctor one up on the computer. I aspire to be a modern naturalist capturing and sharing the beauty around us.

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What I Do

Who I am naturally dictates what I do. Through photography I attempt to capture reality as I see it and encounter it. Toward that end I am virtually never without at least one camera. I take photos of shelter pets to help them get adopted and hopefully capture something of their personality in the process. I attend professional cycling races in California and attempt to capture the quintessential moment of a stage. And I sit for hours watching wildlife; around my home, in my community and where ever I travel. Mostly what I do can be seen in the images I take and share on these pages. – The world is my studio. Enjoy.

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